Welcome, to a piece of Gallatin's history! 

130 years ago if you were sitting at the bar you might not be drinking but instead, hear the roars of firetruck sirens. In the late 1800’s Chubb’s was originally the first Gallatin Volunteer Fire Department. Our pool table once housed horses, and instead of stairs, there was a fire pole! Since it’s firehouse days it was a jailhouse and a few other things we shouldn’t mention on a family friendly menu.

It’s had many people come and go, but a few have decided to hang on.  This building is on the National Historic Registry of Haunted Places in America. Between 2 AM and 4 AM during our renovation lights upstairs would turn on doors, would slam shut, doors would fly open, even an ice bucket had been known to fly off the ice maker. You may even see our resident ghost Fire Chief - Charlie roaming around.